Friday, 4 September 2015

HOME HOTEL • Taipei, Taiwan

A mere three-minute walk from the Zhong Xiao Fu Xing 忠孝復興 metro station and adjacent to the shopping district around the SOGO Department Store, this new branch of HOME Hotel offers a brand new high-end accommodation option in Taipei's East District.
The Home Hotel Da'An features abundant use of wood materials and a gentle color scheme of earth colors, which gives travelers and visitors a sense of coming home as soon as they step into the hotel grounds.
Upon entering the electronic wooden doors (which are beautifully crafted, by the way), you'll be welcomed by this view. I definitely felt at home right away!
The first floor is home to the hotel's pride- the restaurant Fancalay, whose name is derived from the Amis word for "wonderful."
Wedding the Taiwanese tea culture to Italian and French cuisine, the Fancily offers a novel fusion dining experience.
Who wouldn't enjoy breakfast in a place with such an amazing interior design?
*nom nom*
Such a refreshing atmosphere <3
The lobby's floor is made from black quartz slabs framed by seven-miles rock. The wood-paneled elevators feel comfortable and inviting like that of a forest.
The reception area is located on the 5th floor. Upon stepping out of the elevator, you will be greeted by a natural cave decor with shimmering stars in a night sky overhead. 
In the center of the reception area, furnitures by Taiwanese design master Yang Chun Chun are placed in a U-shape, in reference to the indigenous spirit of gathering.
In support of the Taiwanese government's advocacy of promoting "Made in Taiwan" labels, the hotel collaborated with local brands to create world class locally made furnitures...
Here are some more examples of the beautiful local creations...
Even the pillow casings showcase designs of a local artist! I wanted to take these home... so cute!
Now, let's check out the room...
Welcome to my Deluxe Marvelous Room!
To the front left is a separate bathroom for "personal business" purposes.
They have electrical sockets everywhere!!! Perfect for travelers who bring a lot of gadgets haha
Super cute mugs! 
Lucky us, these mugs by The Shu's Pottery are part of the merchandise collection the hotel sells! So yes, we can buy and bring them home :)
King sized bed all for myself *yay*
~happy dance~
The walls are hand-painted in irregular patterns to convey the indigenous spirit of freedom.
The design of the desks is based on the concept of the sewing machine...
Stationery sets designed by Qiyu Design...
The other half of the bathroom can be accessed just before the balcony...
It's the shower area with a mini bath tub!
Don't worry, the curtains can be rolled down! You may take a bath peacefully HAHA 
Panoramic shot of how the shower bathroom looks like...
With all the locally designed furnitures and products strategically placed inside the room, you can really feel how the hotel is serious when it comes to giving Taiwanese designers a stage to show international travelers the best Taiwan has to offer 
The view outside my room. A beautiful sunset to end another beautiful day in Taipei
Even if I was alone, sitting here and staring at the Taipei landscape already made me really happy. 
Who won't love such a HOME-y place?
I'm obviously enjoying my stay too much... HAHA
"Travels are composed of happy memories and wonderful experiences, and to encounter a place like home during your travels is especially precious. Even though the design of home varies across different cultures, the meaning and the perception of home is beyond boundaries. Our goal is to create a place that is welcoming, comforting, and relaxing- a place you can call home to in Taiwan!"
HOME Hotel
Branch: Da'an
No. 219-2, Sec.1, Fuxing S. Rd., Da'an District, 
Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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