Saturday, 7 January 2012

HONG KONG • December 2011 • Part 3

Sorry if I'm posting a lot from my trip <3 
I just want to share my Hong Kong love to you guys :D 

So here's what happened on Day 3
December 25...
Christmas Day...

A continuation of my post HERE
Had Bruch with HK relatives at 
East Lake Seafood Restaurant
Located at Causeway Bay, near the Movie House, 4th floor

 For the past n years, 
I never saw this restaurant vacant...
always packed with people all day long!

This soft shelled crab is the BEST
Believe me, nothing beats this ever!
Actually, that's why my aunt brings us here...
it is because of this oh- so yummy soft shelled crab <3

 Went to Langham Place, Mongkok to check out the Hello Kitty Display...
Super Cute! 
How I wish Pochacco has this too :(

 Passed by McDo to order my favorite Strawberry Shake 
(Philippines has this but they really taste different :( )

 Had dinner at the hotel room...
bought food from Wellcome and Windsor's Supermarket...

 hee hee Mannings knows how to lighten up their customers :)

at the Train station waiting for the train to Fortress Hill to arrive..

Met up with Lejane (middle)
A friend of ours (my sister and I) who lives in HK...

Thanks for the gift :D 

Sister treated me with Cashew Nut Drink... yummm

Now you know why I've gained so much weight :| :)) 

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  1. Aww cute hello kitty displays! my all time favorite!