Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I've been busy with school
for the past few months that's why, 
I haven't really gone to the mall 
that much...

I had only the time to shop 
during the later days of December...

These are what I purchased
using the GCs I got from different people
and contests <3

1. P2500 worth GC from Manila Shopper x Una Rosa

I won P2500 worth of GCs from Manila Shopper
and these are what I got from
their Megamall Branch 

I love Sheer tops <3 plus the cuts on the arm part,
who would resist that :>
also got a
Snake- skinned clutch 
(I've been eying on this bag for quite some time now heehee)

Thank you Una Rosa and Manila Shopper

2. P1000 SSI GC from CKSC Prom

I won a P1000 worth of GC from SSI 
last April 2011 when I won the best dressed for my 
High School Prom...

This GC may be used in various stores namely:
Muji, Zara, Marc Jacobs, Armani Exchange, etc.

I opted to use it at Zara...
Here's what I got for myself :D
It was a bit pricey but I've been eyeing for this
pair of pants also for quite some time...
and this is my first Zara item in my whole life :)
Just pair it with a simple white top, and you're off to go!

Thank you CKSC Prom Committee :)

3. P1000 worth of Sodexo GCs from my Brother

Sodexo GCs can be used with over 4000 establishments in the country!

I used mine at JellyBean SM Manila :D 

Heh... I'm quite attracted to shiny shimmery stuff these days :">
What I love about Jellybean is that compared to others,
its shoes are not that pricey... plus, they are really 
fashionable and of good quality <3

Thank you Ahya!
Last but not the least,

4. P10000 worth of GCs from Nivea x Mango
Okay here's the story...
I won these GCs from a Nivea x Mango 
competition I blogged about HERE

When I got my GCs, my bag was stolen... (the GCs were inside)
Thankfully, I was with Keigh and Ava when my bag was stolen 
and they helped me contact the brand manager of Mango Philippines
regarding my stolen GCs...

The then Brand Manager, Ms. Cai  was 
really really nice and she helped me 
block the thief from using my GCs
(but the thief still *shamefully* still to use them..
 good thing, Mango's really 
efficient that they didn't allow the thief to use them since they were stolen)  
and was even kinder
enough to give me new GCs

Therefore... I got these :D
The leather jacket was 8k + (face drools @-| ) 
I know it's expensive! 
It's even more expensive than 2 of my prom gowns combined!
But I thought it's better to invest in 
classic and long lasting pieces, 
also, this is genuine leather ...
so I thought this selection is the best :)

Thank you Nivea, Mango, Ms. Cai, Keigh, and Ava <3
How's your vacation going on? 

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  1. Wow, lucky you!!! <3 I love the gold pants from Zara and the leather jacket from Mango! :)

  2. Hi Gemnikka :) <3 hihi thaaaanks <3

  3. Welcome, shobs! glad you got the mango gcs again and nice stuff!!

  4. woow ganda lahat <3 super bonggang shopping. sarap ng feeling

  5. I've been lusting over that exact same leather jacket from Mango for months. :( Luckyyy youuu!! <3

  6. Hiii ohitsvinnie... I wouldn't buy the jacket if I didn't have the GCs :O Too expensive eh :( You'll be able to get that rin soon <3