Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Last August 11, one of the world's leading skin and beauty care brand Nivea introduced their newest product, the Nivea Express Hydration at the Powerplant Mall Rockwell, Makati. That same evening, Nivea, collaborating with the top Spanish fashion brand Mango, also launched the Glam Board Express Facebook Application.

I've always wanted to style for a spread therefore after finding out about this new app, I tried it at once!
Here's my entry:

I tried entering this work of mine during Week 1 but due to my poor Internet connection, I was not able to submit it... I tried again during Week 3 and I succeeded <3 Yay!

The pieces I chose for my Glam Board are of the shades Black, White, Silver, and a hint of Gold. I love how these colors complement each other! My peg was Simple but Elegant (as stated in my entry's title). Elegant pieces are classic! I love how these pieces will never get out of date!

For a day look, match the top, skirt with the pumps and accessorize with the earrings and the ring while for a night look, wear the dazzling necklace and bangle, slip those gloves into your hands, add the shiny belt to your outfit,  and  grab that clutch and...VOILA you're good to go!

Luckily, I got in to the finals and with the support of my friends, I won...


  1. Yey! :) Congrats Bianca! Job well done! :D
    Really really proud of youuuu!

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  3. Congratsss again ahihi! >:D<