Thursday, 10 November 2011


I love love love shoes! My previous posts would surely attest to that.

I have been planning on opening my own shoe line a long long time ago. I wanted a shop wherein I will personally design the shoes and sell them to all the shoe lovers like me.

But since I am very busy with college, I decided to just pursue this next time. Nonetheless, I still wanted to share my love for shoes to all the people out there so just a few days ago, after getting help from my sister who sourced for suppliers last International Trade Fair at Guang Zhou,

We came up with this... 

The Sing Styles
This online shoe store caters to the fashion needs of 
all the fashionistas out there! 
We bring you the latest trends on shoes and bags!

Please support me by adding our store
and check out our collections...

I handpicked the shoes one by one to ensure that
what we sell are nothing but the BEST <3

Christmas is near and what's the best gift to give for yourselves?

Happy shopping girls!

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