Sunday, 4 January 2015

TAIWAN • December 2014 • Part 1

UP Diliman was the first school to move the academic year from June-April to August-June last 2014. This meant that instead of having the regular 2-month summer break, we would be enjoying a whooping 4-month summer vacation! However, due to being caught up with maximizing the break, I ended up overworking and spending too much time with work and school. That's why when a friend from a travel agency called me up last June and informed me that an airline was having a ticket promo,  I immediately asked her to help me book one ticket to Taiwan for a quick getaway before my senior year started.

Since I was paranoid about getting stuck in the traffic, I arrived in NAIA Terminal 3 six (6) hours before my flight. Better safe than sorry :))

However, if you remember this post: Bianca Goes to South Africa (which its travel diary I have yet to blog about), I won the #SmartMakingMEGA that brought me to the land of the Big Five. Due to this, I needed to rearrange and fix my schedule to give way to this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Went with black-white outfit for my departure

In the end, it turned out that rebooking would cost me more than buying a new ticket. Since I was already excited to explore Taiwan, I decided to push through with the trip and buy another ticket for December. I knew that at the end, everything will be worth it because I could sense that this trip will be epic.

@1:15 am- Touchdown, Taiwan!

And it sure was! This is my second solo travel after my first last April 2014 in Hong Kong. I love traveling alone! I did not only get to understand and learn more about the country and its newly emerging culture but I got to know myself better.

Blogging about my itinerary and adventures for the 8 days I stayed in Taiwan next! Stay tuned :)


  1. Yay! I also want to travel to other country alone.

    1. It's really fun :) Super different experience.

      Posting my travel itinerary for the next 8 days :) Hope you'll enjoy reading them :)

  2. That's one of my life goals to travel alone but there's holding back because a lot may occur during the trip and I don't know if I can handle those things. Looking forward to your taiwan travel posts!

    1. Hi Allyzon!

      It's natural to hold back because it's a really scary world out there. My tip: it's best to start your solo adventure in a country that you're familiar with or one with a good reputation when it comes to safety and security to minimize your fears :)

      Posted my first day already here:

      Thank you for visiting my blog :)