Sunday, 15 July 2012


This was what I wore last June 2 when I attended my childhood best friend and her twin sister's debut at Oasis Manila...

I have been overusing this dress for quite some time now...
Most of my dresses are black and this is one of the very few that are non- black in colors...
Since it was strictly written on our invitations that black dresses weren't allowed, 
I decided to re-wear this dress and just accessorize it differently than what I normally do.

 Necklace: Bubbles

Bag from CMG

Shoes from Gold Dot
This pair is actually my first Gold Dot purchase... This started my love for shoes <3
Dress from Maldita
 Blazer from I Heart Matilda 

Thank you to my good friends Alexia and Camille for taking these photos <3 

She's Feliche... one of my childhood and lifelong bestfriends <3
We've been classmates since pre- nursery up to high school fourth year!
16 years of friendship and counting <3
Cheers to more awesome years of friendship :)

It's Monday again tomorrow! 
Have an awesome week ahead >:D<


  1. Awesome shoes! I don't think I can pull those off, though.

    1. Thank you! :) I'm sure you can :) You should try :D

  2. Love the blue dress! I wish I was as daring as you in terms of accessories. The necklace is beautiful!

    1. Thank you! :) You should try, Joy :D I'm sure they will look nice on you :D

  3. Love the whole outfit especially the jacket and the shoes. :)