Sunday, 8 July 2012


Had my first Econ 100.2 exam awhile ago and yes... on a Sunday!!! -__- huhu 
(This is just the first and soon, Econ+Accounting will be my best friends during weekends... wait what? What "weeknend" ? :o HAHA )

Anyway... yes, school+ orgs stuff and work have been piling up on me for the past few months and I am already going crazehhh but I'm so lucky and glad that despite the stress and all the haggardness, my good friends are always there to tolerate (HAHA) and join me in this exciting roller coaster sophomore year journey <3 

Meet my first 3 friends in UP :D
I met them during my freshie year, first sem :) They were my classmates/seatmates in Math 17, our only "block" class during the year...
Nanais (pronounced as "Nanei"), Yna, and Abby <3

There were really times when we wore the same color of shirt without even planning about it <3 
hihi soul sisters! 

 When we were applying for JMA :D  

One random afternoon... along the tambayan floor in our college :D
Our Every-Sem Tradition! Eat out after Math exam :)

Hellooo! If you're reading this... (I'm sure you are HAHA ayan na! after 5 months!)
Thank you so much for making me feel welcomed in UP <3
Sirang plaka na sa sirang plaka but I really couldn't imagine my freshie year, plus the next FOUR (four okay not three huhu go BAA!) years without you!!!
I love you guys and let's bond sooon!

Sorry for the random post but wala lang... I just realized that sometimes, we're too busy with so many stuff that we forget to live our lives to the fullest! Sometimes, because we're too busy, we tend to neglect the people around us... the people who care and love us...
I hope that as we strive hard each and every day to reach our goals in lives, let's not forget to spend time with the people who are dear to our hearts <3
Have an awesome week ahead >:D<
We can do this!!!

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    Ok super natouch naman ako :) Awww Biancaaa hehehe
    (and aww sa Nanei hehe) AWWW haha sorry wala akong masabi ang sweet talaga! I love you and see you tomorrow (and the next day and everyday of UP life!) >:D<