Sunday, 4 March 2012

Blanc by Gold Dot

As I have featured HERE before, Gold Dot is indeed one of my favorite shops!
Not only do they offer the best and the most unique designs but 
the people behind the brand are really really friendly and very accommodating!

Recently, they launched their new line called, BLANC.

It's a more basic, price-friendly line for girls who love flats. The styles are much more simpler that would cater to a bigger market among women. Since flats are still one of the most coveted shoe in the market still amidst to the the ubiquitous rise of high heels and platform shoes.

For their first release, the designer, Karl Leuterio, was inspired to create 3 flats. Esme , Emi and Eriko

The Esme is a 2 way flats which can be  worn in 2 ways. It has metallic snaps at the back portion. You can snap it or not depending on the mood or outfit. 

 The Emi ,on the other hand,  was inspired by space age, future and sportswear hence the glass foil metallic palette. 

The last one, Eriko ,  is a simple cut out  loafer. It's extremely chic. A down player in any outfit. The simple details are what sets it apart. It has a metallic feature too.
All 3 of them have gum soles and cushion making them stylish yet comfortable at the same time!

Visit their website HERE to order :)

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Esme! ♥ Haha! I love Gold Dot. :)

    xx Cat

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    1. Super nice right? :) Gold Dot is LOVE <3