Sunday, 26 February 2012


Before you guys see any pictures, I just want to tell you that these pictures are not outfit post worthy :(( It's just that I really love my hair that day... HAHA No blowdry, no iron... just shampoo, conditioner, and water and poooof! hihi 
Oh how I hope my hair will always look like this... 
Outside Rustan's Supermarket waiting for the car to arrive after doing groceries..
Luckily, my dad was in a good mood that time thus, he offered to take a picture of me hihi 
Thank you :D 

I know you've seen this top a lot of times here in my blog but it's just too nice for me not to wear <3
Top from Topshop
Shorts from Robinson's Department Store

 Necklace from Bubbles
Shoes from H&M

Have a great week ahead :)


  1. Love your necklace and wedge! chic outfit!


  2. Hi Bianca! this is Mark, part of the Marketing Team of Accessorize and 7 For All Mankind, I would just like to inform you that you still have not claimed your gift from Accessorize at our 7 For All Mankind Greenbelt 5 Branch. Hope you can claim it! Love your blog! If you have time, kindly check out my blog too!

    1. Hi Mark! Thank you for informing me :) Will claim it asap :D
      And thank you so much for visiting my blog :)
      Visited yours and wow! You're such a genius hand painting all those stuff! :)

  3. Cute necklace!! :) And wow what shampoo/conditioner did you use? :P

    Btw, I hope you can join my blog's birthday giveaway here:

    1. Thanks Hazel! :)) I always use Sunsilk (the pink one)... but my hair for this particular day was unusually cooperative =))

  4. love your necklace! so fab!