Sunday, 12 February 2012


It's prom season once again!
Oh how time flies... Around this time last year, I was super busy preparing for our batch's prom/graduation ball (yes, we celebrate that only once :)... at the end of our senior year...)

I was one of the heads for our prom and we came up with the theme..
Winter <3

I admit, I really was super nervous for our prom... a few weeks before the said event, we still lack sponsors ... I was panicking almost 24/7... I was even dreaming about the worst scenario that can happen :o

But I'm so lucky and thankful that I was working with the best people in the world and 
our prom turned out to be a successful one <3 
I super love how our plans turned out to reality <3
Super love the set up :)
With my high school friends and 3rd year adviser (far right)
I miss them so much :(

Here's what I wore during the night...
I designed it myself <3
and I was really happy that I was chosen as the Best Dressed for the Female category that night :)

To all the people who are attending their proms or grad balls...
Enjoy the night!
Truly, a once in a life time experience to remember <3


  1. Oh, wow... Prom seems so long ago for me... I feel so old!!! Haha. You look great, though. Love it! :)

    1. Haha you're looking young and gorgeous naman!
      Miss you, Angel :) And thanks! :)

  2. Oh that dress is so gorgeous! great creation. You know.. I never hot to experienced prom..


    1. Thanks so much, Kaye <3
      Oh why? :( Your high school didn't allow you? :(

  3. Replies
    1. Ms. Maggie! Thank you for dropping by my site <3

      Thank you so much! I love your blog so much :)