Saturday, 11 February 2012


Sheer and Gold are two of my favorites when it comes to clothing wear.
For sheer, I don't know but it really looks effortlessly elegant and for gold items, just wear them and poof, it will make your whole outfit pop up from the crowd!
This was what I wore to the surprise party of my swimming teammates' Mom last Sunday 
at Paseo de Magallanes

 Top: Folded and Hung
Pants: Uniqlo
Gold Belt: H&M

I bought these shoes from my shop and at first, I thought I won't wear them frequently because they won't go well with my clothes but I was wrong!
This pair is definitely going to be part of my favorite shoe collection<3

Thank you, Chrissa Taleon for bearing the heat just to take these photos <3
These photos were taken outside the restaurant with my iPhone :)

Hihi these last 2 photos are at our house's rooftop <3
Taken by my Mom <3

Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. Nice top! love the boots too! :)


  2. gorgeous top! oh hey i added your shops account on facebook. i love your items!

  3. LOVE LOVE the top! For me, sheers are must haves,=D A new follower here Via Sara Tirona's blog,=D

    1. True! Sheers are forever love! Thanks Ann :D