Tuesday, 3 January 2012

HONG KONG • December 2011 • Part 1

I consider Hong Kong as my second home...
We're almost there every year!
and because I'm a HK ID holder, I am sort of required to visit the city regularly... 
(but actually, they don't need to push me because HK is LOVE...
Who would resist visiting this amazing country?)

*All photos taken from Iphone*

Taken by my dear youngest brother, Brandon :)
 Hong Kong's Newest "Octopus Card"... Hello Kitty <3
(HK Octopus Card is like an electronic wallet.
It can be used to pay for: MTR, Tram, Bus, Taxi fares;
Restaurant Bills like McDo;
Convenience Store Expenses like 7- Eleven, Park and Shop, Wellcome, etc.)

Ride Bus A11 if you're bound to the HK City Area (Causeway, etc.) from theAirport

Next posts are about food...
Actually, one of our favorite things to do in Hong Kong as a family is to
Yes, our family loves to eat...SUPER :D

 First Lunch
Ajisen Ramen
Pork with Curry Sauce :)
Located at Windsor's, Causeway Bay, Basement

Dinner at
Satay King
I super love this restaurant!!! I can eat the same meal
(second picture) EVERDAY!
So affordable and yummmy!

this restaurant is worth a visit!!!
You should believe me!!!
We visit this restaurant EVER SINGLE YEAR!
and I never get tired of eating here <3
Located at Causeway Bay, MTR Exit F, Near SOGO

Second day of my Hong Kong Trip up next!

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  1. Bianca! sana matupad yung wish natin trip to Hong Kong together! it would be super fun! =)

  2. I miss going to Hongkong! :(


  3. @Alexia: I do hope that would come true!!!
    @Jenine: They are indeed, yummy :)
    @Kaye: Let's go together next time!!!! Miss you :(

  4. sana nagpost ka din ng hindi puro food!:) in fairness nagutom naman ako hihi:)

  5. @Pax: HAHA mejo yun lang kasi ginawa namin sa HK :)) Happy Trip sayo <3