Sunday, 11 December 2011

High School = Love

Hi guys! 
How's your Sunday going?

I know I'm way behind with my blog posts...
I have a lot of back logs to do but before those,
I would like to write a personal entry first hihi :">

Last Friday, despite my hectic schedule, I tried my best to 
attend the birthday dinner 
of one of my most beloved friends, Julie ...

It's so funny how Julie and I became close...
actually, I really don't remember the exact event how we 
ended up with this kind friendship (which is awesome, btw)
but all I know is that way back in grade school, 
we used to fight over small things (Hi juliiie! remember the mural contest? HAHA)

Anyway, here are the photos of what happened during 
the night...
(Sorry for the outfit :| Super stressful day! 
I rushed from school)

The early birds :))
Sharmayne (she's our classmate from 1st year -3rd year, first quarter... she then 
transferred to Singapore when she got accepted for a scholarship... GENIUS)
Erik, our class president (shy raw oh...)

With my effortlessly chic and pretty friend, Jane! 

With my ever fashionista friend, Alexia 
I really missed her so much! 
It was nice seeing you again <3

Trivia: Alexia is one of the reasons why 
I am so addicted to shoes hihi
When we were still in high school, 
I would drool over her collection of shoes whenever we have
She really has a nice fashion sense ;)

Actually, I sort of got teary eyed that night...
I was really happy how many of us 
were present during the dinner...
In our batch, we were the least when it comes to the 
number of students and ever since, we really don't exceed 10 when it comes 
to the number of attendees during get togethers...

The past (and upcoming) few weeks may be 
super stressful for me but nothing really beats 
sitting down and have chit chats with 
High School friends...

Happy birthday again, Julie 
(she's the one in polka over polka- so fasyown right?) 

Thank you for the dinner and the 
<3 night :)

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