Sunday, 9 October 2011


Last September 3, I, together with my friend Achi Jewel, attended
Achi Marj Sia's Etude House x Catwalk Cosmetic Workshop...

We were taught on how to apply day and night make up...
No Make- up

It was my first time to wear contact lenses <3

With Make-up :)
And since the workshop was sponsored by Etude House,
We were to shoot another photo: Korean themed...
Korean Me <3

It was also my first time to wear a wig!

What I love about this workshop is that I got to learn how to apply "everyday-look" make- up :)
(I've been performing: singing, dancing, story telling, playing musical instruments, etc. on stage since I was young therefore I only knew how to apply "performance" make- ups... [the heavy ones] )

Before and after the make- up workshop, we had the chance to have our pictures taken by none other than Achi Mylene Chung (she's super nice!) to see how much our look would change with our make-ups on.
(She's a fashion and food photographer! Check her sites: Fashion and Food)

Achi Marj is doing more workshops in the coming weeks so don't forget to check her site HERE :)

Have an awesome week ahead, everyone

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