Sunday, 8 November 2015

SOUTH AFRICA • July 2014 • Part 3

Good morning!

We started day 2 early and drove to this beautiful spot in the middle of Kalahari Desert to shoot our second editorial.
Thanks to the sun for keeping us warm despite the really freezing winter season.
We shot the second editorial at a Rose Quartz Mine.
It was really surreal to see this mountain of precious minerals in real life...
After settling down, it was time to prep for the shoot.
First up, the gorgeous flowy pink Martin Bautista gown atop the pink rocks.
Had my mini photoshoot in between takes *hihi*
Next up, the yellow gown. *flip flip, snap snap*
Having lived in a city all my life, I really feel like there's something magical whenever I'm in a place surrounded by nature. No tall buildings- just the sky, grass, and everything natural across the horizon. 
The power team does really work efficiently. Next layout!
Halfway through the shoot, Mark Nicdao started backing-up the files while we check the outtakes, in between transfers.
Breathtaking landscape.
Shoefie :))
After the quick break, it's time to change the make-up for the avant garde look shots.
This has got to be my favorite part of the shoot that morning. You can really see the team collaboration to achieve the perfect wind effect for this layout!
YAY! That's a wrap.
On the way to the lodge, we passed by this beautiful tree and we just needed to stop and take a few shots before heading back HAHA
Brie, Gruyere, and Bleu Cheese for lunch!
After eating, we immediately proceeded to shoot the 3rd editorial outside the lodge. This set revolved around all white outfits, focusing on the chic hair trends.
This outfit was the highlight of my afternoon.
Can you believe that the top she's wearing was just a gift wrapper? Fashion editor Patrick Galang has a certain vision for this look but unfortunately, he couldn't find the perfect outfit from the set of clothes he brought. Persistent to achieve the perfect layout, he got the wrapper, a stapler, and 15 seconds later...voila, came up with this structured top. That's what you call a stylist!
Wrapping up early, we were given free time before we huddle again for the late afternoon activities. Being the curious little child that I was, I went around the lodge and discovered this beautiful library :)
The magnificent view outside...
At around past 4, we went out to experience game driving.
We roamed around the desert searching for animals and knowing them better through the fun facts shared by our guide.
We went on and on until we reached the river separating South Africa and Namibia. 
Our guide stopped the Jeep and everyone hopped off for a cocktail as the sun set below the grassy horizon...
Sundowners are best enjoyed with...
drinks and being one with nature :)
After all, it's not an everyday thing that one can stand in the middle of two countries enjoying great food with even better company!
Will never get tired seeing the breathtaking view of African sunset.
A MEGA selfie to celebrate the success of the first leg of #MakingMEGAinSouthAfrica
Upon going back to the lodge, we celebrated our last night in the desert by enjoying a unique dinner called BOMA. It's a kind of bonfire dinner where everyone encircles around the fire and enjoy the food local chefs especially grill for us, all throughout the night. The lamb and mashed potato with cheese they served deserve a special mention. They were so good I'm starting to crave for them again now :'(
Tomorrow, a new series of adventure awaits as we proceed with the second leg of #MakingMEGAinSouthAfrica.
Good night!

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  1. Wow, the location is incredibly beautiful! I really enjoyed seeing what goes into an actual fashion editorial shoot. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts! :)

  2. i love these wonderful photos,and they are so cool