Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Hi guys! As promised, I'll bring South Africa closer to you by narrating my #SmartMakingMEGA adventure through this blog. But before that, I guess a lot of you are wondering how I was able to get this once in a lifetime opportunity. So here's the story behind this unexpected amazing gift...

UP's the first one to implement the academic shift and because of this, we had a 4-month break before going back to school for the Academic Year 2014-2015. You might think that I had the most relaxing vacation but that wasn't actually the case. I spent the first 2 and a half months doing an internship and another month taking up a class for the midyear school year (something similar to a summer semester) to avoid overloading for my senior year. All throughout the break, I was also preparing for a marketing competition that's why when I realized that I had only less than a month left before school starts once again, I decided I needed a vacation. I booked a flight to Taiwan and was ready to go until one day...

While I was browsing through the internet, I saw this Smart x MEGA promo. The only requirements for participants to be eligible were the ff:
1. Must be a Smart Postpaid subscriber (check)
2. Answer this question:
Why do you deserve to be part of the #SMARTMakingMEGA international shoot with the MEGA team?”

I thought, "Why not?" After all, the choosing of winner is purely based on the essay submitted. I realized I actually have a bigger chance of winning in a contest designed like this as compared to those who choose their winners through raffle draws.
Here's a screenshot of one of my inital drafts :) A proof of how much love and thinking I poured in for this competition HAHA Anyway, I'm shy to show you my whole essay but it revolved around this line of thinking: being young at 19, juggling UP academic and organization responsibilities while doing styling work in the fashion and showbiz industries and giving back to the society by heading community service projects. Just to be clear, everything I wrote and submitted about myself is true :)

The criteria of judging was as follows:

55% – Personality 
presents the personality and character of the reader via his or her answer to the question

35%- Clear Point and Explanation 
the “why” is clearly answered; points are made in a logical, and rational manner

10% – Knowledge about MEGA and/or the Industry
a real MEGA reader, interested in fashion and beauty, presents not just brand awareness but loyalty


To be honest, I really didn't expect I would win this contest. I mean, I'm not really lucky when it comes to online competitions like this but I'm forever thankful that the panel of judges which include a SMART representative, Suki Salvador- MEGA's Creative Director, and Mike Carandang- world renowned producer and director saw my love and passion for learning, fashion and excitement to explore the world through my essay :) 
A lot of crazy things happened in between the announcement and our flight (e.g. I needed to forego my Taiwan Trip) but I'm glad I was able to fly with the team and had the most amazing time of my life in South Africa.

Here's a preview of our adventure. More #BiancaSingTravels posts coming up :)

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