Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Last December, I purchased some gadgets from my own hard earned money for work and school/academic purposes :) 

I really thought hard and pondered for a long time if buying these would be worth it because I don't want to spend my money for luxury items I won't even going to use.
And yes they are indeed worth it! Especially with my academics!
With these gadgets, I get to save myself from carrying 10,000 kg heavy books and tower high handouts :) Plus, I don't need to bring my heavy laptop around for discussion powerpoints ;)

Of course, our beloved gadgets deserve to be pampered and protected so quality cases are must.
Worry not because they're available almost everywhere!

Interchangeable and customizeable background design cases from iDelight for iPhone

Paris themed iPad mini case from Hobbies and Watches Shop

Visit these online shops and happy casing shopping because your gadgets deserve to be loved and protected from dirt and scratches ;)

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