Monday, 23 April 2012

Love the Earth, Love Kiehl's

Hi everyone! Since last Sunday was Earth Day, Kiehl’s has launched its very own Earth Day Photo Contest. Contestants can get a chance to win cool freebies from Kiehl’s Rare Earth Collection. Products from this collection use Amazonian White Clay to deeply and thoroughly cleanse our pores!
So how do you join? Do it in three simple steps!
1. Like the Kiehl’s Manila page on Facebook

2. Go to the photo album entitled Earth Day Photo Contest and share your favorite environmental tip from Kiehl’s. Here’s my favorite one! Also, don’t forget to read the caption explaining Kiehl’s own environmental commitment and a description of a product from its Rare Earth Collection.
3. And finally, take a photo showing that you live out your environmental commitment. You may include yourself in the photo or you may simply take a photo of something or someplace that embodies the environmental commitment. For example, for this environmental tip, you can take a photo of your recycled products at home or take a photo of yourself sporting a recycled bag or recycled shirt even! The possibilities are endless and it’s all up to you and your creativity. Send your photo attached to a message to Kiehl’s Manila. It’s that easy!
So, pick an environmental commitment and join Kiehl’s Earth Day Photo Contest! Plenty of prizes are up for grabs. Contest lasts til Sunday! Click away everyone!


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