Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hong Kong Loves

Here are the items I brought home from my family's recent trip (December 2011) to Hong Kong...

4 pairs of Skinny Jeans from Giordano :)
2 for HKD 299
Sulit right? :)
(I always bring home Giordano pants
every time I go to HK... :">)

H&M Finds...
Shimmering Top and Dress from H&M Central
 Leather Shorts from H&M Tsim Sha Tsui
Wedges from H&M Mongkok

Hahaha that's how pakipot I am...
at first, I'll say I don't like the item but
at the end of the day, I won't be able to sleep
(and would even be dreaming about the item)
and the result, visiting another H&M branch just to get hold of

PS: I would love to own a black version of the shorts :(( Help me?

Leather sleeveless from Maple
Black vest from a stall at the Causeway Bay
Snake- skin patterned leggings from Cotton On

 Bought my facial from Bonjour :)
(these 2 bottles would last for a year already :) )

and my ever dearest Taiwan Series <3
I used to watch them every week before :(
How I miss those times...

My Sister gave me this Card Holder <3
So thoughtful <3
 Mom's Christmas gift for me <3
I super super love Jimmy 幾米 products...
Jimmy is an artist that translates his artworks into bags,
wallets, puzzles, lamps, pillows, phone casings, to name a few...
I first saw his products I think more than 8 years ago
during an exhibit at the Times Square Lobby...
I wanted to buy but they were a bit pricey...
8 years after, I got hold to my first ever
Jimmy 幾米 wallet <3
Thank you Mama :)

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  1. Love the new clothes you've bought :)


  2. nice choices :)