Sunday, 1 January 2012


 Last December 15, I organized/ directed my fashion show <3
It was tiring but it was worth all the effort!

The fashion show was held during the Culmination night of the
UP Diliman's College of Business Administration Week...

When I was thinking about the concept of the fashion show,
I pondered upon what types of clothes should be modeled...
I then came up with the idea of
"Why not showcase the different styles on how to wear our college's shirt ?"

Therefore, I contacted ACTS, the Association of Clothing Tech Students, of UP Diliman
to partner with us in organizing the fashion show...
Thank you so much, to my love, Tin Iglesias, VP for externals of ACTS 
and to the whole organization for helping out! <3

 These are the 10 looks (for girls)  prepared by the ACTS
Amazing right?
With just a simple T-shirt, one can come up with fab and chic complete outfits..

Here's what happened during the fashion show...

The audience intensely cheered for them!
Love the crowd <3

And of course... Outfit shots time :>

One can also add life and twist with an ordinary T-shirt by cutting and altering it :>
One word to describe the outcome, AMAZING!
(L-R) Candice, Celina, Jules, Cheryl, and Miki
(L-R) Leigh, Juffy, Englebert

As I've said awhile ago, it was my first time to organize and to direct a 
fashion show... and I really really had a BLAST!

Thank you BA Council 2012 for this opportunity :)
Thank you models, for agreeing to walk  for the show :)
(You all did super GREAT!)
Thank you ACTS for partnering with BAC <3
Thank you Mr. Alvin Chua for taking these awesome pictures :D

I hope this wouldn't be my last project...
2011 has been good to me :)
Thank you God!

Happy 2012!
Happy New Year guys :D

2 days to go before it ends...
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  1. wow so your course is BA???

  2. Hi Eline :D My course is BAA :D You're from CBA too ?:)

  3. I love how the shirts were styled, great job!! :) Congrats, BAC!

  4. Wow!! no im not, i'm actually from ua&p but i have a friend from BAC and i know someone from BAA!

  5. Hi Eline... ooooh cool! Who's your friend from BAC? :)

  6. GO UPCBA :) Thank you Bianca! :D