Sunday, 27 November 2011


This was what I wore to the
launching of The Little Things She Needs
at the Eastwood City Walk 2

Since this event was held on a Thursday, a school day, 
I didn't have enough time to change...

So, I just wore the same shirt I wore at school
and just changed the shoes and pants...

During the Day...

 and During the Night...

Top from Jellybean, Pants from ForMe, Shoes from Jellybean,
and Bag from Buffet

Thank you to my twin, Francesca Arches for taking these pictures :D
Notes about my outfit:
1. I really really love Jellybean. They have the cutest and most fashion forward items
at a very reasonable price! Don't you think? :)

2. I love these Palazzo pants from ForMe! They fit me just riiiight<3 
I love the cuuut!
3. The bag I'm using here is my school bag.
My first Buffet Bag that I wore HERE got stolen last month :(
But since I really really love the style, I ordered another one hihi...

What do you think about my get up?

It's Monday again tomorrow...
Have an awesome week ahead!