Monday, 21 November 2011

The Little Things She Needs: Yes, It's a Store's Name

What a cute logo, isn't it?

The Little Things She Needs is an Indonesian brand that offers affordable, comfortable and trendy fashion finds without compromising quality.

Mainly, The Little Things She Needs is a shoe brand but since we like to cater to most if not all the wants of every fashionista out there, we offer cool and hip fashion jewel- ries and accessories as well. The Little Things She Needs has over 19 stores in Indonesia, 3 stores in Singapore, and is currently making its way to Thailand.

The Little Things She Needs caters to women who are fashion-forward and who always want to standout. These girls know how to carry themselves well. The Little Things She Needs customers always look their best. They are independent, adventurous and absolutely empowered; totally the “It Girls” of today.

These are the branches in Singapore..
shoes and accessories heaveeeen <3

because The Little Things She Needs finally opened 
its first branch here in our country in Eastwood!

I'll tour you around on my post tomorrow ;)
Have an awesome week ahead guys!


  1. OMG! I know this store! :D

    I loved the shoes and accessories they have. We just passed by the store when we went to Singapore and I totally regret not buying anything. D:

    It's awesome awesome news to hear that they opened a branch in Eastwood. Time to go to Eastwood! :D

  2. Hi! Nice blog and the little things she need shoes are really cute!

    mind to follow each other?