Monday, 17 October 2011

Look Who's Coming to Town

Actually, it's not a "who" but a "what" ...
Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand known for being the Asia's largest clothing retailer known for its quality yet reasonable price! The said brand has 824 stores in Japan alone and over 150 stores outside the country.

Personally, Uniqlo is one of my favorite brands! Whenever I go to Hong Kong, my trip wouldn't be complete without me dropping by 2 to 3 branches of Uniqlo in the city. I love their basics! I love how good their quality is!

Next year, SM Retail will bring the first ever Uniqlo branch to our country in SM Mall of Asia!
This brand is truly something to watch for!

I see a loooooong line out there! hihi


  1. sana may H & M rin dito

  2. we're gonna go here together next year oki! :) -your biggest fan hehehe :)

  3. @Anonymous 1: Yup! I would love to see that here!
    @Anonymous 2: Game hihi but who are you ?:)

  4. No I'm her biggest fan! Hihi! Joke lang! ;) This blog is awesome! :)

  5. ^ Who are you ?:) But thaaaaanks HAHAHAHA

  6. Anonymous 2: me? your biggest fan :) aka your ever dearest cousin ;) ;)