Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I want to continue this blog, for real!
In line with this, of course I want to take photos of good quality ...
I don't have my own camera but after thinking last night, I decided I want to get one for myself!
Canon PowerShot G12 Digital Camera

I'm eying for this... but I think it would take me a looong looong time to be able to save up for this...
but it's okay...
Because I think it would be worth it :D

What do you think?:)
I would love to hear from you :D


  1. Canon's a good camera to get. It's a good brand. Also, if you're planning to get a DSLR someday, this camera is also good for practice since it has a manual mode. :D

    I think you should get it. I think it's worth it. :D

  2. canon is is great brand for dslr... but if you want a dslr, choose nikon coz it gives you good quality photos... professional photographer often use nikon, but canon dslr is good for practice...

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    It’s a GIRL Thing

  3. this is currently my camera! Love it :)

  4. Bianca! My little sister currently has it and it's awesome! I made her get this one hehe. If you want to check it out, just tell me!

  5. @Deniece:Thaaaanks <3
    @Cutest Princess: Thanks for the suggestion :D
    @Ava: Really? Vern also uses this hihi soo cool! <3
    @Cheryl: I would love to! :) See you soon <3

  6. Hi Bianca!

    Here's another option for you: EVIL Cameras (e.g. Sony NEX series, Nikon 1, Panasonic GF3, Olympus E-PL3)

    They also use interchangeable lenses and produce pictures of dSLR-like quality, but are less bulky. :)

    -franchesca choi